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Mark Prices of Actual Costing Ledger Run error

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In app Edit Actual costing runs, I create a costing run , the period is 2024-3 . 

I just do the testing , and I do the procesing in 2024-5.



And when I Mark prices , I select the Parameters , validity of marking is beginning of following period.


And then I  execute it . the system show out the log C+406  , C+101, C+718.


No material is change .

It is the question of the date? 


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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi Omega,

The “Mark Prices” step in the “Edit Actual Costing Runs” App is only available in the future. The specified period and year must be in the future, relative to today's date, not based on any other date parameters that might be used in the system. Since in your screens you’re using period 3 the system is issuing the error message “Marking date is in the past” (C+406) to let you know that is not possible to run the step using March 2024. In order to execute the step you would have to use July 2024 (since we’re in June).

That said, even when the system can use actual cost and perform this step every period, is common to see that the prices are Marked just once every year to keep stability in the Standard prices.

For more information I recommend you to follow (at least) the Test Script of the scope item Actual Costing (33Q) Please note that I'm sharing the link to the US, if you're using a different country please update it once you open the link.

I hope this helps.


Ernesto Cepeda

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Hi Ernesto , Thanks for your reply.