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Mark and Copy of AFC Field "Customer Field 2"

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We often maintain (excel) files during Month End Closing (MEC) and we add them as separate tasks in AFC

Unfortunately links in AFC to internal directories will not work due to browser security issues.

As a workaround we write the internal link into AFC field "Customer Field 2". In the Process Closing Task App we include this field in the layout. Then we could copy this link to a new tab in the browser during MEC.

In order to copy the link we have to extend the witdh of the field so that total link could be seen and then only copy works. We have very long links so to save a maximum width in the layout is not fine as then the table layout is to big
and you need to scroll left and right..

But with a shorter width (see screenshot) I am not able to copy the full link.

Do you know a possibility to copy the full link without extending the width of the column ?

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Answers (4)

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Hello Carsten,

many thanks for trying to help us.

Unfortunately a webapp with internal directories still doesn't work for us despite the extension made by SAP.

Problem has to do with Browser security issues. See below answer of SAP as we opened an incident

regarding this issue. We don't want to reduce browser security so we need a workaround.

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Hello Gerald,

why you do not use the "enhanced Weblink Functionality" to add there Folder Links? So you just need to change the Task Type once. We have not tested it sofar but it will be one of our next implementation change in AFC for the Task List, as we have the same need.

What's New for SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Advanced Financial Closing | SAP Help Portal

best regards


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That's an interesting solution we can come back if there is no other solution.
Personally I prefer a solution without having to go in contact with our IT.
Another solution e.g. having an easy opportunity to mark and copy a complete field in AFC would offer us
greater flexibility

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Not sure if this will work for you... and it would require help from the organisation IT, but in case you can do it, here is what I would do:

- Set up an environment variable at the local work station level

- Name can be what makes sense to you, but keep it short. Value will be the path to your central directory where you store the files you want to access (e.g. D:%HOMEPATH%\OneDrive FST\...). %HOMEPATH% takes you to \user\<username>. You only need to use %HOMEPATH% if the central location changes depending on the user accessing it. if it remains the same for all users, you can replace it with a static value, i.e. Variable Value would be: D:\users\johnsmith\OneDrive FST\...

- You will have to work with IT to pass down this environment variable to all users that need to use it.

- Then you can have a much shorter link, i.e. a lot easier to copy.

I would only use this as a last resort in case you don't get a more elegant response, but I hope it helps 🙂