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maping of material in repetative manufacturing

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Dear Guru

Plz suggest how to map the material in repetative manufacturing


input material : A, B AND C

Output material: x y and z

how to map in backflush(mfbf) . In one shot we want to enter the input and output material . We have to enter actual consumption of input and output material

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Dear Ank,

In the confirmation screen MFBF you can confirm at a time only for a single material and for this product the corresponding

components can be posted which will be carried out for 131 & 261 movement for GR & GI respectively.

It's not possible to make GR for more than one product at time,but however using MF42N it's possible to carryout collective

backflush for a set of products based on the input given.

now check with this and revert back with your queries.



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thanks for reply its helpful

how to map this scenario in planning (md61) and convert into production order (md02)