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Manual PR PO for WBS CRTD status ?

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Hi Expert,

Is that possible to block the PR and PO creation for one non-release WBS Eelments through customizing ?

Thanks and Regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Referring to OSS Note 497090

There is no way in standard that you can block the creation of

the purchase requisition/reservation as this is seen as part

of the planning process.

Commitments on the network are regarded as planned values.

Therefore the purchase requisitions are in general created from the

network and are always treated together with the component entry.

The program does not check the business transaction RMBE/RMBA (create

purchase order/create purchase requisition). So you technically

cannot block the creation of a purchase requisition by a user status.

So this system behaviour is intended and will not be changed.

If you want to block the creation of purchase orders, please use the

release strategies for purchase requisitions/purchase orders in

materials management (MM-purchase).

If you want to change the standard behavior, you might use the

userexit CNEX0026.


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Thanks !

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There is a way that you can stop creation of purchase order and requisition for the WBS in CRTD status.

Go to TCODE BS22 and maintain the status CRTD. In the business transactions control , make RMBE and RMBA as forbidden.

Let me know.


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Better use user status to control creation of PR and PO.SAP suggests not to make changes in T code BS22.


B P Singh

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