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Manual Good Issue

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Dear Experts,

How can I good issue manually material that are not appearing in pick list because those material are not in BOM? I am using MB1A but I cannot issue all material for a specific Network. Could someone advise me?


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Hi Quentin,

Please find the below steps to issue the unplanned components(i.e. not available in BOM for that Order),

Unplanned Goods Issue to SAP Production order or Process order:

There can be cases in production where:

a) you may want to issue more than the reserved quantity of a certain component or 

b) you may want to issue a completely new component (which can be a substitute for the original component or which may be completely new to the production) 

To carry out unplanned goods issue to the production order or process order, you should do the following:

a) Use transaction code MB1A and enter the movement type 261 and enter the plant code, you can also enter the storage location if you wish you. 

b) Do not press the - "issue to order" button. 

c) Instead you can press the "Enter" button or press the "New Item" Button. 

d) By pressing the enter or the new item button, you are given a screen to enter the material number, the quantity, the storage location, and the unit of issue for each of the material you would want to issue to the order. 

e) When you enter the "New item Button", you are given a screen to enter a single component with quantity that you may want to issue, but if you have multiple unplanned components to be issued to the order, you should press the "New item Button" again to enter the details for the next component. But if you press enter, then you are given a screen to enter details for multiple components.

f) Pressing the save button or the post button will create a material document that contains the goods issue details and the accounting documents. The accounting document contains the GL accounts that are hit.


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Thanks Raj,

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From MB1A you can issue the material against the order. Go to the transaction and press enter.

But in initial screen if you put order system will now allow.

You can do it through MIGO. But you have to do goods issue against others. Then put the material. Then put the order in account assignment tab page.



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Hi Nda

We can issue the materials which is not there in BOM. But this is the unplanned goods issue.



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Hello Quentin

I suggest you to first include this material on the component list. After that, it should appear on the picking list.