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Manual Excise Duty...

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Hi all,

What is the use of condition types like Manual Exicse & Non Deductable Condition type. Should be there in Pricing or Tax procedue for the above two condition types?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Use Condition Type "JEXC" in MM Pricing Procedure.

You can use manual excise condition "JEXC" in case if your BED Rate is not fixed as 14% and you want to enter BED Value manually.

Once you input value in JEXC then it will replace the value of BED in "Taxes" under "Invoice" Tab. And ECS / 2% ans SECess / 1% will get calculated on BED Value.

Here use Tax Code of (14% BED + 2% ECS + 1% SEcess + VAT/CAT As applicable), system will calculate BED, ECS & SECess as per the % maintained in Tax Code. Once you enter value in "JEXC" condition, it will replace the value of BED and ECS / 2% ans SECess / 1% will get calculated on BED Value.

For e.g.

As per Tax Code;

Base Value = 10000

BED / 14% = 1400

ECS / 2% = 28

SECess / 1% = 14

After putting value in "JEXC" as 1600 (For e.g.)

Base Value = 10000

BED / 14% = 1600 (Here 1400 will get replaced by 1600 under "Invoice" tab - "Taxes" button)

ECS / 2% = 32

SECess / 1% = 16

I think the above example will make clear the use of condition type "JEXC"

And Condition Type "NAVS" (Non - Deductible Tax) is used in MM Pricing which will bring value of CST from "Taxes" screen to "Conditions" of PO. Check the attributes of NAVS condition type in M/06

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi ,

I have defined JEXC in my MM pricing procedure.

In Purchase order i have entered this condition manually and enter 10% as excise.But new excise value is not getting transfer to Excise Condition values in TAXES.

Giving below the complete case

Basic 1000

Excise 16% (160)



In purchase order , i have enter 10% for JEXC and was expecting the TAX result as

Subtotal for taxes 1000

Excise 10%(100)


But in TAXES system is showing me

SUbtotal for Taxes 1100

and excise is still being calculated as 16% and now it is on 1100.

What settings I have to made and also where should I attach condition JEXC in MM pricing procedure.,



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Manual Excise duty:

This condition type JEXC - Standard SAP defined manual excise condition type has to be maintained in the pricing procedure.

Non deductible condition type:

This has to be flow from tax code & maintained in the tax procedure.