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Manual Entries for Sales Documents

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Dear Community,

I’m wondering if anyone could help me with a problem we have every so often with multiple customers.

The issue is about manual entry for Sales Documents (088). We use this type of entry to book costs on projects integrated with sales scenario. When we enter this type of entry the cost is not taking into consideration in the “PoC” calculation, costs are also not available for invoicing. The revenue recognition is then underestimated.

The cost is not redirected to the WIP account, probably the reason why it is not flowing through invoicing and rev rec. And you can't book into the WIP account as the G/L is mapped with a “Accruals or Clearings” type.

We use manual entry for sales document type for multiple reasons; costs booked onto the wrong project that is being reclass, cost coming from an external system, reclass from a prepaid account.

So far, we’ve managed to find a workaround by entering an account payable for example, which increase the level of work of the accounting team. But now we are facing a scenario where we cannot use this workaround.

Is there an existing way to change this behaviour (config) that I am not aware of?

I would like to understand why the system is designed this way.

Thank you for your consideration,



Master Data

  • -Project Integrated with Sales
  • -Accrual Method: 108 - Recognize using cost-to-cost project POC

Manual Entry :

As the cost flows directly to P & L, well it is not considered in the PoC Calculation.

It is also not available for invoicing

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Hi Andreanne,

the invoicing question part is easy to answer: Project invoicing only supports operational documents created outside Financials (time recordings, supplier invoices, goods and services receipts, expense reports, goods and activity confirmation, material consumption).

The rationale for developing it like this was that financials postings usually do not contain the details needed for project invoices and that in general a decoupling of the operational business and financials was established.

Thus, e.g. journal entry vouchers and petty cash are not available in project invoicing.

As to your use cases:

  • Costs booked onto the wrong project that is being reclass
    I would expect, that - at least covering the time recording aspect - will be implemented in the future. Please feel free to vote for it. (As usual: this is no commitment)
    If you would like to reclass other of the documents mentioned above, please create another improvement request.
  • Cost coming from an external system
    The original idea - not implemented and conceptually not finalized - was to offer some extension capability that allowed to capture information from external systems as operational documents with an image in financials which would then be available for project invoicing. Currently, there is no improvement request for this topic.
  • Reclass from a prepaid account.
    I would need to better understand the use case. As lined out, there would only be a chance to bring this into a project invoce request, if we had a non-financial representation of this in the system.

Best regards