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Managing Inbound delivery material and transport cost Price Variance separately

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My client wants to identify the purchase price variance for material and transport separately in different accounts. the transport vendor is different from material supplier. and invoice for the transport will be received once in a month and currently accounting team books provision for this actual invoice.

Now how to identity the PPV for transport comparing standard price item and manual transport invoice?

---------St. price - PO - GR - PPV - GL

Material- 10 - 10 -12 - 2 -60000200

Transport- 3 - (No)-4 - 1 -60000400

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It is possible if your Raw material is with price control "S". You can map different cost component for purchase and transport through purchase condition type and material origin.

With this configuration you can link purchase cost and inward transport cost in differrent cost component and possible to get report.

If material having price control "V" then it is not possible through CO module.