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Manager leave approval screen - Long loading time/time out

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This issue only happened to certain users.

1. Employee submitted the leave request.

2. Manager login and click to open the leave request from UWL.

3. The approval screen takes a few minutes loading time. Sometimes it hits 'unable to fulfil request for.....bytes of storage page' error page.

If the approval screen can be loaded, the following warnings are displayed. It can have over 100 warnings in the screen.

Time entry triggers retroactive accounting in payroll (9 times)

Earliest retroactive accounting for Controlling area not reached (28 times)

Personal payroll past not reached (36 times)

Earliest recalculation for time evaluation exceeded (34 times)

Any idea what could have caused this? Are these warnings returned after checking existing 2001/2002 records in backend?

I noticed that the employee is having over 600-700 attendance records in backend.

Appreciate your helps.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi JC,

Check whether the reportee of the manager has the very old leave entry and also any leave entry with error.

You can check it by running the report RPTARQDBVIEW for the pernr with date.

If any employee has request with error status, delete it.

Also apply the below note,

1307078 - ESS LEA: Collision date not displayed when leave is



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Hi Meera and Siddharth,

I tried the report that you mentioned and noticed that there are some old entries with status ERROR/SENT since year 2008.

Could you please advice if we should execute RPTARQDBDEL to delete those entries? Any impact if I do this to some of the affected employees in Production?

As for the long loading time issue, I am waiting for Basis to perform some checking. Will let you guys know if Basis can resolve this issue later.


Regards - J_C

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Product and Topic Expert
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have you implemented those notes?

You need to use Rptarqerr report to change the status of the ERROR to Posted

Ensuring the error status is already available in Infotypes

Read the documentation of the above report.

Error status records should be minimised using above report

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Hi Meera and Siddharth,

The long list of warnings are removed successfully by deleting the old entries with SENT status. Manager can review the employee leave request without getting long list of warnings anymore. During my testing, I noticed that the more absence records the employee has the long time the manager will need to load the leave request detail. But this doesn't really affect by attendance records.

As for the notes recommended earlier, only Note 1449048 is not applied in the system. We will try that later.

Thank you both!!



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Product and Topic Expert
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yes you are right all the records of 2001 and 2002 records are checked for each employee and the warnings and errors are returned ie histoy of error

Make sure you implement the notes





Also to improve performance you can check the sizes of the leave request

tables and purge the old entries from tables PTREQ*





You can suppress these too

refer here

The warning messages displayed to the user are system generated due to

the various checks performed during approval.

However warning messages could be suppressed by customizing settings

using PTARQ transaction:

Follow the below path:

Personnel Management -> Employee Self-Service->Service specific

Settings -> Working Time -> Leave Request -> Processing Processes->

Configure Output of messages. Here for the corresponding rule group you

Could maintain an entry with only the message type filled as "Warning"

and please check the flag "Do not display Message". Then none of the

warning messages will be displayed. All of them will be suppressed.

If you want to do modification, you can do this

I checked in system DEH and I didn't see the suggested one-line source

code modification in class CL_PT_BLP_ITATTABS, method GET_FUTURE_RECORDS

which should improve the performance:


c_fromdate = selfrom.

selto = cl_pt_tmw_const=>high_date. "< Line 122 to be replaced

itselwa = irec-infty.

append itselwa to itsel.

  • get future attendances or absences

tcmd_future = get_infotypes( pernr = irec-pernr

fromdate = selfrom

todate = selto

itlist = itsel ).

Please check the performance after implementing the modification by

replacing the above line with the source code:

*selto = cl_pt_tmw_const=>high_date. "< DELETE

selto = irec-endda. "< INSERT