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Manage Workflows For Supplier Invoices - if certain amount is reached

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When entering a goods receipt based on a PO, the next step is to create an invoice > I need to be able to prevent an invoice from being posted if it exceeds a certain amount. I have checked the Fiori Tile “Manage Workflows for Supplier Invoices”  but there are only two pre-defined scenarios:

  • Workflow for Blocked Invoice
  • Workflow for Parked Invoice as Complete

The issue is that even if the invoice is blocked for payment, it can still be posted in MIRO. And the parked invoice is not really relevant since it means that we need to always park an invoice to trigger the workflow.

Is there a standard solution today that corresponds to my request?

If we take the "Manage Workflows for Purchase Orders", we can directly indicate that if the PO is over a certain amount, then we need to approve this PO via the "My Inbox" tile. I wanted to have a similar flow with the supplier invoices.

Thank you already,

Dany R.

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Dany,

This cannot be achieved by workflow functionality in public cloud. You may consider using BADI MRM_CHECK_INVOICE_CLOUD to perform your custom check and issues error message when the invoice amount is over a certain value.