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manage UDFs in Marketing docs SAP B1

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as in SAP B1 9.3 PL10 whenever you create a UDF for Marketing docs, you getting it opened for all the marketing docs not just for a specific one; i.e. A/R invoice, Purchase Order, ...

from the right-side UDF list, on the top of it, we can on the user-level categorize it, and this function helps in case of the same marketing doc being used from different teams in the company,

our issue now, we need to manage and categorize the UDFs on the company-level (globally),

how we could do it?


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Hi Kenan!

It is not so simple because it is assigned per user.

//With this query you can relate the categories, the udfs and the user that have the form setting

 SELECT * from  cprf t0 inner join cudc t1 on t0."Width" = t1."CodeID" 
where  T0."FormID" like '-%';

//Here are the Categories 
select * from cudc;

Please consider that when you update the UDFs and Categories in SAP B1, it takes some time to reach the table CPRF. My guess it's in a temporary table for a minute or so.

Another option is to edit the UI and create a new TAB with this UDF fields. An extended version of this option would be to use UI Configuration Templates.

Hope it helps.

PS: this note warns us from some issues when copying form settings.



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Hi Augusto!

I would like to thank you very much for your valuable help,

but I'm wondering about how we can get benefits from the query of CPRF, I solved the issue - as you mentioned - using the UI template configuration,