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Manage Purchase Contracts S4 Hana


Can anyone help to answer my question about S4 Hana Fiori apps " Manage Purchase Contracts"?

  1. What's the meaning of relevance?
  2. When will the colour of valid turn yellow and red?
  3. When will the button renew contract become active? by ?% consumption?
Thank you!

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Please find the answers mentioned below for the queries related to Manage Purchase contract app

1) Column Relevance shows a calculated value that should indicate how relevant the Contract is. System uses three parameters for weighting the final value:

  • Contract Expiration,
  • Consumption Percentage,
  • Target Amount

More details related to Relevance column can be found in the Note - 3068180 for reference

2) Color of Validity status will be in Red color for Status "Expired" and Orange color for Status "Expiring"

3) Renew contract button will be enabled for Released contracts with "Expired" and "Expiring" validity status