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Manage Product Lifecycle - prerequisite - define granularity used for product assignment

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Hi everyone,

I am using IBP 1705 and in the "Manage Product Lifecycle" App, I am trying to use phase in functionality. The statistical forecast algorithm creates a forecast for the new product, but without the phase-in curve.

So, I read again the help, and found this :

Prerequisites: Before you start, decide which granularity you want to use for your product assignments. In the App Settings, you can define a combination of up to three levels. Your reference products are then only valid for this particular combination (for example, product, location, and channel).

I did't do this step, because I can't find where I can do this assignement. Where are the "App Settings"?

I simply specified that I wanted to assign my "forecast dates" for Customer Country = CA (see screenshot).

Does someone have another idea of what my issue could be?

Thank you,


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Answers (1)

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1) I managed to make the phase-in curve work! I just deleted my new product assignement and re-created it the same way...

2) I finally found where are the "App Settings". You have to click on you user on the top left hand corner and then "More" (see screenshot below)