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Making Def Comp WT zero on negative Good money

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Hello all,

We want to make DEf comp wages WT 3821 to zero if negative /5PY exists. Currently 3821 is calculated in function P0169 and /5PY current value is calculated in USTAX function. By the time USTAX function is called, all the cumulations have taken place and its too late to do anythign with 3821.

IS there a way to loop back to the top of schema and reprocess by only initialzising a few tables?

Thank you,


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Hi Soumya,

You need to write a rule with condition SCOND=T AL and place this rule between LPBEG and LPEND and this will rerun the loop one more time.

Please check ULPC rule under UDNT schema that runs loop using the same logic.

Hope this helps.