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Case: Make To Order

1)Semifinished component ( Rough machined) are kept in stock planning will be done reorder point

2)Once the customer order receives rough machined components will be machined as per customer specification an order will fulfilled


What Planning strategy to be used for Finish, semi finish components?

How to MAP this scenario?


Rajendra Kulkarni

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can use the planning at assembly level strategy 70

Or use the Planning Strategy 50: Use this planning strategy when the main value-added process is final assembly. It is a MTO stg Once you get the order from customer, system will reduce the PIR qty as well as planned order convert to production order. The planned order created for FG but can not convert in production order untile sales orderis there.

In strategy 50 finish product is base on sales order and up to SFG we manufacture and put it in to stock.

When sales order come then we can convert the FG planned order to production order.

Also refer my reply from this link,

Hope clear to you.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Dear Rajendra,

1) You can go with Startegy 50 for FERT

2) This Strategy allows Production for dependent Components Before sales order is received

3) You need to give demand for FG in MD61 & run MRP

4) system will create Plan orders for FERT as well as Lower Level materials

5) For lower level materials you can Carry Production But For FERT VP plan orders will be generated

Which cannot be converted into Production orders

6) Once sales order is received then New Plan orders will created for FERT offsetting old plan orders

This plan orders can be converted into production orders