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Make Business Place (BSEG-BUPLA) field a substitutable field

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Hi All,

We need to create a substitution rule to populate business place field(BSEG-BUPLA) in FI documents automatically. We have only one business place and it is assigned to a plant. When there are documents that does not involve plant, then we need to populate the field with business place automatically.

When creating the substitution rule, business place is not shown in the list of substitutable fields. I tried to make changes in GB01 table and remove the exclude check mark for BUPLA but we could not edit the ta ble.We are in 4.6c version. I tried GB01C table and the related views also. The view already does not contain any entry.

It seems we need to update GB01 only and remove the exclude check box for BUPLA field (Bool class 009, class type S, table BSEG, field BUPLA)

Is there any OSS note or pointers to update BUPLA in GB01 table

Thanks & Regards


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