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Major configuration part in MM

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Hii experts

Can some body explain me , list of Major topics which has to be configure in MM.

Like some scenario's common for all industries ?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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First of all need to Configure Company Code ,Plant , Storage location,Purchasing organization , Purchasing group

Material master :

Defining Attributes of Material Types

Defining Materials Groups

Defining Product Hierarchy

Vendor Master :

Account Groups

Partner Functions

*Purchasing Settings

Purchase requistion

Request for Quotation

Maintain Quotation

price Comparison

Purchase Order: Defining Document Types

Purchase Order: Setting Tolerance Limits for Price Variances

Defining Screen Layout at Document Level

Defining the Condition types, Access Sequence, Condition Tables

Defining the Calculation Schemas

Defining the Schema Groups

Defining Schema Group for Purchasing Organizations

Assignment of Schema Group to Purchasing Organization

Defining Schema Determination for Standard Purchase order

Determining Schema for Stock Transport Orders

Defining Permissible Partner Roles per Account Group

Defining Partner Schemas

Assigning Partner Schemas to Vendor Groups

Vendor Evaluation - Defining Criteria

Defining Purchase Organization Data for Vendor Evaluation

Defining Scope of List

Maintaining Account Assignment Categories

Release Procedure for Purchase Documents

Creation of Characteristics

Creation of Class

Configuration of Release Procedure

Inventory Management

Goods Receipt

Goods Issue

Transfer posting

stock transfer

Maintaining Plant Parameters for Inventory Management

Setting Tolerance Limits for Goods Receipts

Defining Screen Layout for GI / Transfer Posting

Defining Screen Layout for Automatic Movements

Maintaining Access Sequence for Subcontracting Challan

Maintaining Output Type for Subcontracting Challan

Maintaining Output Determination Procedure

Printer Determination by Plant / Storage Location

Valuation and Account Assignment Settings

Defining Valuation Control

Grouping Together Valuation Areas

Defining Valuation Classes

Activating Split Valuation

Account Determination - Configuring Automatic Postings

Logistics Invoice Verification

Maintaining Default Values for Tax Codes

Activating Direct Posting to G/L Accounts and Material Accounts

Configuring How Unplanned Delivery Costs are Posted

Configuring How Exchange Rate Differences are treated

Setting Tolerance Limits for Logistics Invoice Verification

Configuring Vendor Specific Tolerances

Setting of Check for Duplicate Invoices

Editing PO Supplement Text in Invoice Verification

Defining Sender Details for Invoice Verification Forms

Assigning Forms and Programs for Invoice Verification

Thanks & Regards,


Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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4 Purchasing

4.1 Define Terms of Payment

4.2 Create Purchasing Groups

4.3 Purchasing Info Record

4.3.1 Define Screen Layout

4.3.2 Define Price History

4.4 Source list

4.4.1 Define Sourcelist Requirement at Plant level

4.5 RFQ/Quotation

4.5.1 Define Screen Layout at Document Level

4.5.2 Maintain Quotation Comments

4.6 Purchase Requisition

4.6.1 Procedure with Classification

4.6.2 Define Screen Layout at Document Level

4.7 Purchase Order

4.7.1 Define Number Ranges

4.7.2 Define Document Types

4.7.3 Set Tolerance Limits for Price Variance

4.7.4 Conditions

4.7.5 Texts for Purchase Orders

4.8 Foreign Trade/Customs

4.8.1 Incompleteness Schemas for Foreign Trade Data

4.8.2 Import Screens In Purchasing Document

4.9 Texts for Messages

4.10 Vendor Evaluation

4.11 External Services Management

4.11.1 Define Service Category

4.11.2 Define Number Ranges

4.11.3 Define Number Ranges for Service Entry Sheet

4.11.4 Define Texts for service entry sheet

5 Inventory Management and Physical Inventory

5.1 Field Selection for Goods Movements

5.1.1 Field Selection for MIGO

5.1.2 Field Selection per Mvt Type

5.1.3 Define Screen Layout

5.2 Set Up Dynamic Availability Check

5.3 Goods Receipt

5.3.1 Set Tolerance Limits

5.3.2 Define Screen Layout

5.3.3 Maintain Copy Rules for Reference Documents

5.3.4 Set Expiration Date Check

5.4 Set Dynamic Availability Check for reservations

5.5 Physical Inventory

5.5.1 Default Values for Batch Input

5.6 Valuation and Account Assignment

5.6.1 Define Price Control for Material Types

5.6.2 Split Valuation

5.6.3 Configure Split Valuation

5.6.4 Define Valuation Classes

5.6.5 Configure FIFO Valuation Areas

5.7 Logistics Invoice Verification

5.7.1 Define Attributes of System Messages

5.7.2 Maintain Number Assignments for Accounting Documents

5.7.3 Maintain Number Range Intervals for Invoice Documents

5.7.4 Maintain Default Values for Tax Codes

5.7.5 Configure How Exchange Rate Differences Are Treated

5.7.6 Configure How Unplanned Delivery Costs Are Posted

5.7.7 Configure Vendor-Specific Tolerances

5.7.8 Set Check for Duplicate Invoices

5.7.9 Determine Payment Block

5.7.10 Set Tolerance Limits


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1 EnterPrise Structure

1.1 Definition

1.1.1 Define, Copy plant

1.1.2 Maintain Storage Location

1.1.3 Maintain Purchase Organisation

1.2 Assignments

1.2.1 Assign Plant to Company Code

1.2.2 Assignment of Purchasing Organisation

2 Material Master

2.1 Define Industry Sector

2.2 Material Number

2.3 Material Type

2.4 Number Ranges for Material Types

3 Consumption Based Planning

3.1 Carry Out Overall Maintenance of Plant Parameters

3.2 Master Data

3.2.1 Define MRP Controllers

3.2.2 Activate Material Requirements Planning


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Hi MM,

Major configuration ... things against how the Business requirement & client requirement the configuration will change.

This will differ client to client & business to business.

Standard configuration.

Org structure.

General settings like UOM, Material master , Purchasing group..

Purchasing--> Doc. types, No. range, Rel. procedure. screen selection

Inventory -->

Valuation & AA --> Account determination & with material types & valuation calss. assign G/L accounts.

LIV--> doc. types & no. ranges. tollerence settings.

Intergration with FI..

TAX procedure & G/L accounts. any special postings .