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Maintenance plant to be added to the notification screen(IW21) without configuring the tab 'Location data'

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Hello Experts,

I am configuring a new notification type and my client has the requirement that there should be only one tab, with all their required fields on it.

As of now, I have included 4 screen areas under this tab, so there is still place for one more here.

So far, I have been able to provide all their required fields but now I have an issue.

They do not want the 'location data' tab (Register : 10\TAB06) but they want the field 'maintenance plant' to appear in notification tab 1 (register : 10\TAB01).

I am not finding any screen area which has 'maintenance plant' ( ILOA-SWERK) in it.

Is something possible in standard sap or do I have to go for development of a custom screen area ? Since, there is no place to assign a custom screen area under 10\TAB01, my understanding is that I will have to assign the same in "Screen areas in notification header" under "Overview of notification types" for the given notification type, in SPRO.

Please guide me as how to go about it.Let me know if you want to see any screenshots of the configuration or need further clarity.

Thanks and regards

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello P R

  • I do not see alternative other than going for an Additional field with screen-exit QQMA0001:
  • Here is the detailed step-by step manual User-Fields in QM and PM/CS Notifications
  • This field then can be placed whichever tab you want, but at the bottom (explained in the post). So take help of your ABAPer and get it done.



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Thanks Jogeshwar.

I will see if they want to go for the extra development work.

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