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Maintenance Plan and Subsequent Order Generation in Preventive Maintenance

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I have an equipment which has 6 Maintenance Activities.

The following is the sequence of maintenance schedules:

1) Activity I - Maintenance scheduled once in a year - During March

2) Activity II - Maintenance scheduled twice a year - During March and September

3) Activity III - Maintenance scheduled thrice a year - During January, May, September

4) Activity IV - Maintenance scheduled thrice a year - During February, June, October

5) Activity V - Maintenance scheduled four times a year - January, April, July, October

6) Activity VI - Maintenance scheduled six times a year - January, July

7) Activity VII - Maintenance scheduled six times a year - February, August

How to create a Task list for the above scenario and subsequent maintenance plan. If orders are generated from the maintenance plant how can they be scheduled according to the above scenario. Should we create a single task list with only one group counter or should there be multiple group counters for each of the above given activities.

Can anyone throw some light on the subject.


R. Vijayakumar

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Answers (2)

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Thanks for the response


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it is not possible to acheive your requirement with single task list.

Also you cannot specify the exact month where the call date will lie on the month specified,even you create strategy for once in 3 month and 9 months it will be rotated from the last scheduled one ,ie after completion of 9 month then next will be 12 month instead of next year 3 rd month

either you create seperate task list with maintenance plan on fixed date ,for example create a maintenance plan for once in year cycle and put start date for Act 1 as 01/03/2009 hence system will create call object on the specified period or refer [HELP|]



Also post in EAM forum for maxim response