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maintenance cost posting to production Cost center

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Hi Experts,

    I'm looking some guidance for maintenance cost posting. My client has two kind of maintenance teams-

1. For small/regular maintenance (Team A)-  there's a team for doing small/regular preventive maintenance activities. This team is a part of production Deptt. and having no separate cost center other than the production one.

2. Major PM activities (Team B)- this team handles critical repair/Breakdowns or large maintenance jobs. This is having their own Cost center  

Now , say, on a Functional location (having the main work center as Team B work center ), some major PM activity is done by team B , hence the cost will be posted to team B's   cost center.

But the problem comes when Team A (under Production) perform some maintenance job on this Functional location. By default when work order gets created, for  this Func. Location, the default CC (assigned to main work center) gets copied into order. which need to be manually replaced by the user with production Cost center (since maintenance is done  by Team A -belongs to Production)

Please help to provide inputs on-

1. How to post the cost to production CC in case of maintenance done by team A. Is there any std. or enhancement for selecting the production CC . if yes, what would be the logic?

2. In production CC , on what basis the cost can be segregated between production expenses and maintenance expenses.

Please provide your inputs


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hey Dennis,

If i'm understanding your question correctly, you are looking to settle the order against the relevant cost center depending on whether the maintenance was performed by Team A or Team B.

Just to clarify, the Cost Center which appears in the Settlement Rule comes from the Cost Center maintained in the Functional Location or Equipment, it is not the cost center which is maintained in the maintenance or production work center.

Here's a potential solution you can explore.

  • A custom enhancement which will update the settlement rule with the correct Cost Center.
    • Explore User Exit – IWO10009
    • At Order Save check a field value i.e. Planner Group or PM Activity Type or any other field in the order which you can use to differentiate if work will be performed by Team A or Team B. Depending on the entries maintained in a custom table select the correct combination and plug in the correct Cost Center in the order settlement.
  • A custom table will be maintained with the correct Cost Center combinations with Planner Group or PM Activity Type or any other field you want to use.
    • The Custom Table should have Plant, Order Type, field to differentiate between Team A Team B i.e. Planner Group and Cost Center.

Other things to consider are:

  • Orders in CRTD status vs REL status, depending on your configuration you may or may not have orders from maintenance plan being released when generated.
  • Triggers for the enhancement e.g. creating an order from transaction codes  IW21 / IW22 / IW28 / IW31 / IW32 / IW38 + IP10 and IP30

I hope this helps, I have implemented a similar solution on my last engagement which has worked well for the business.