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Maintain of Time Profile for Production Scheduling Board App

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Hello experts,

How can I define or maintain the time profiles to use Fiori App Production Scheduling Board in PP/DS?

There is only one available Time Profile (SAP001) and there is only one resource to select with this time profile, although i have defined more 2 single and 1 production line resources on the system. How can i assign the time profil SAP001 to other Ressources?

Thanks and Regards


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Answers (2)

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Hello Brahmankar,

According to the SAP document (Selection of Objects to be Displayed), the following objects can be displayed in the DS planning board:

  • Single-activity resources
  • Single mixed resources
  • Multiactivity resources
  • Multimixed resources

I am using a Line Ressource for the Model Mix Planning with the IPPE.

Is it possible to display "Line Ressource" within Production Scheduling Board?

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Check transaction S_AP9_75000087 - Maintain Time Profiles which control display period in detailed scheduling planning board.

Work area define the allocation of resource and product, which resources, products and orders can be displayed in the detailed scheduling planning board

S_AP9_75000088 - Maintain Work Areas

Menu Path SPRO-IMG-Advanced Planning and Optimization-Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling (PP/DS)-Detailed Scheduling-Maintain Work Areas

For more information on the selection of object , see
SAP Help Selection of Objects to be Displayed

You can then specify new selection conditions for the products, resources, or orders, and thus temporarily start the detailed scheduling planning board. ◦ You can save the data for the selection conditions in a new work area. To do so, choose Save Work Area Under.

Best Regards,