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MACRS depreciation through SAP

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Hello All,

We have a request from our clients to create a new depreciation area in a company code which in SAP for last 4 years. These new depreciation area would be for MACRS purpose.

Client is using MACRS mid-month, mid-quarter and mid-year conventions for calculating depreciation. I tried using M200, M150 and M20Q and M15Q for mid-year and mid-quarter conventions. However, I am getting little success.

Hence, just want to see, if it is really possible to MACRS depreciation calculated from SAP. If yes, can you please let me know how this can be achieved. i.e. Which depreciation keys I need to modify in order to get a full pledged report for MACRS reporting.


Ravi Kumar

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Yes you can get MACRS reporting.

and Note 505069 should help with checking your settings.

Kind regards

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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To Calculate MACRS

SPRO-Depreciation-Special Dep-select Determine Depr Areas --- Select MACRS chek Box and save it

Then select Calculate ordinary depr before spcl dep select----MACRS check box only dont select ordinary check box,

OAYZ - Dep Key M200.(MACRS)

AS01 - Dep Key M200

Base methd 0027

Type of depr------special Tax Dep

Dep methd-----Immediate Dep

Dep after plnd life end-------No

Dep below NBV-----No


AFAMS - Create Z50

Acq year---2011



Base Value---01

Reduction 50.00


Base mehd Decl bal methd prd contl Meth Multi-level methd Change over methd

0007 004 004 045 1

0011 001 004 001

0017 001 008 004

0027 001 003 Z50----

spl dept.

Now create Z51

Acqy year-----2011



Base value-----11


Assign this Z51 in NA01, NA1, NA2, MSTL in ordinary dep -

Mult- lvel in place of 045(Z51)

Assign 0027, 001, 003, Z50 in M150.

Create AS01, F-90 and See in AW01N

Note: If you send Mail ID I will send you the screen shots for MACRS and AMT.



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> Note: If you send Mail ID I will send you the screen shots for MACRS and AMT.


> Thanks

> Anil

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