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Machines grouping in work centers for Textile Industry

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We have a client requirement on the implemented solution for textile production (Cotton Spinning)

The solution is (Made to Order) variant configuration and the spinning plant has 7 main operations (work centers) each one has a number of individual capacities as follow :-

  1. First group contains 3 machines.
  2. Second group contains 42 machines.
  3. Third group contains 10 machines.
  4. Forth group contains 10 machines.
  5. Fifth group contains 110 machines.
  6. Sixth group contains 14 machines.
  7. Seventh group contains 15 machines.
  • At the time of creation of production order, we can select number of splits (number of machines) based on available machines capacity, for each operation. However, at the time of the order confirmation, we confirm one work center as group of number of machines (splits).
  • Our customer needs at the time of confirmation to distribute the quantity of order through several specific machines with different quantities on each machine.

Kindly advise with the applicability of the customer requirement, considering using S/4HANA 2020 on premises core PP module without any advanced production planning modules.

MAN Production Planning (PP) 

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Welcome to the world of Implementing SAP for Textiles. With multiple textile implementation i could not find any direct solution in SAP , So i have always customized this with a "Custom screen" to capture the order confirmation with Order number, Qty and split no or Individual capacity to capture this .

Will be equally interested to know if you find some solution in standard.  

Also is this for the Spinning Operation confirmation ?



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Hello DSK, this is exactly our proposed solution to the client to capture the machine number and the worker during the order confirmation. However, our client is asking for selecting the machine and the worker during the planning phase not the confirmation.