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LTMOM DMC Data Migration Cockpit Mapping Import/Export from DEV/QUA/PRD

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I would like to export/import or download/upload my LTMOM DMC Data Migration Cockpit Mapping Import/Export from DEV>QUA>PRD but I can't see any options for it and can't find anything in this forum or on the KBA's etc.

Is this function not available and do I need to populate the upload templates and load them for each data object one-by-one or is there a way to export/import or download/upload all of my mappings from the previous system (DEV) to the current system (QUA/PRD).

I am also unable to delete mapping in the new DMC tool, although this was easy to do in LTMC. Can someone advise if they are able to do this.

If these functions are not available then I want to submit them as development requests to SAP.

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Hello Mark, you can use "download values" and "upload values" buttons in Migrate your data app - see blog:

The mapping tasks' deletion is available since SAP S/4HANA 2021 - see blog

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