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LT42 - Create TO by Multi processing

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Dear All,

I need your help in regards tcode LT42.

Here is the process I am following for material staging:

I am using LT41 to group the transfer requirements from a particular supply area. Then I move to transaction LT0E for 2-step picking process. At this point a TO is generated for the total requirements, so that the material handlers can pull the material at once. Then this TO is confirm and the actual quantities are adjusted accordingly with what will be trasferred to the supply area.

But, when I go to transaction LT42 the system generates multiples TO's. Let's say if I have 10 TR's under my group, I will end with 10 TO's.

How can I set or configure tcode LT42 that only gives me one transfer order with the quantities that were pulled and confirmed on the 2-step picking TO?

Thanks for all your help!


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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This behaviour is standard. In fact, it is only the concept of 2-step picking.

step 1: Removal of stock to fulfill the requirements from several deliveries or transfer requirements.

step 2: allocate of stock to the individual requirements. (so, you should have multuiple TOs)

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