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LSMW - Vendor Master DATA - IBAN management

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Dear SAP guru's,

I'm trying to integrate the IBAN in vendor master data with my LSMW (batch recording techno).

unfortunately, I do not have the IBAN information in structure BLFBK

BLFBK Vendor Master Record Bank Data (Batch Input Structure)

DO you know how we can integrate an IBAN by LSMW? Batch recording seems to be too risky..

And I do not have the BBAN info, I only receive the IBAN...

Thanks for your comments,


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Answers (3)

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You can try the SAP note : 1686666

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Use the program RFIBAN00 for mass update also read the below link for better understanding

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With batch, it is not possible to have IBAN details updated in Vendor master data. This should be done manually, when the IBAN

number is entered system will do the validation checks as per the legal requirements using the specific Function modules for each country.

Nevertheless, there is batch input program RFBIKR00 which is used for processing the following data:

- Creating and changing vendor master data

- Creating bank master data

Please, note that the program RFBIKR00 cannot import master data which contains the usual account number and the IBAN at the same time. There has to be either an IBAN or an account number in the imported file.

There are 2 scenarios how to get all the data imported, depending from

the source system:

1. If the source is also an SAP system, you can import the account numbers using the RFBIKR00 and then transport the IBANs separately using the ALE distribution (RFIBAN_ALE).

2. If the source is a non SAP System, then file contains always two entries for a payment instruction. In the first one the account number will be imported, in the second one the IBAN. The functionality "IBAN without account number" is prerequisited and has to be active in the target system. In this scenario 2 payment instructions would be created in the vendor master(LFBK), one with the account number, another one with the IBAN.

I hope this helps to resolve the problem.

Thanks and regards,

Suresh Jayanthi.