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I have created a LSMW for transaction ME22.The LSMW is working for one line item.But if the template is having more than one item the Program is not working.It is FILLING the 1 line item, but not doing for the next line items.

I have used recording method.Bcoz i need to fill a data in acct assingment filed in PO line item

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Why not record one single line item change? In ME22, you have the Item number field at the bottom of the screen. You can include this item as a variable in your input file. You make your changes to item 10 and save. The LSMW would regenerate and make another change for item 20 and so on. In your input file, the item can be only one item or many. The LSMW will recirculate for each PO until all the listed items have been changed.

One thing to be sure is to enter the item number and enter or green check. This will bring that number to the first position in the item list. Then select the first position and branch to whatever screen you need to change.

Hope this helps.

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Hello, actually I tried Paul's suggestion to edit multiple items in a purchase order with ME22 and it works fine! thank you very much!