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LSMW: need to update characteristic values for Functional Locations

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I would like to create a LSMW object where I can update the caracteristic vales on a already assigned class to Functional Locations.

I already use Standard Batch/Direct Input Object 0440 (Functional Location) Method 0002 (change) to add new classes with values in the characteristics.

But I want to also be able to change the characteristic values in already assigned classes.

But when I try to do that, I get the message that the class is already assigned to the Functional Location.

Any possibilities to change characteristic values for a Functional Location with LSMW

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Answers (3)

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Hi Tom,

Have you tried perform this change manually at IL02? In this case the system returns same error message?


Flavio Molina

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Hi Tom,

See Documentation from the IBIP transaction ,There is no option to change the characteristics using the described method

"The structure IBIPCLAS only enables the assignment of a new class. If you want to change the characteristics of an existing class, you mustfirst delete the class with the record IBIPCDEL, and reassign the class with IBIPFEAT characteristics in a second transaction using IBIPCLAS."

You can use tcode CLMM to change specific characteristics , no LSMW is required , just copy and paste from excel.



Active Participant
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Hi Tom,

Try to make LSMW recording method for CL24n transaction. There you can change the characterstics value.