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LSMW Load Inspection Plan including reference operation set

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Hi Friends,

I want to upload inspection plan with lsmw IDOC.

Now in the old system I have an inspection plan based on a reference operation set.

How can I load this? The reference operation set is allready created in the new system.

Can I only give the reference operation set in LSMW and the inspection plan is created automatically.

based on the reference operation set?

Any help would be appreciated.

Rg. joerg arndt

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My view are as follows:

Though LSMW is not very good option due to limitations in such a cases ,I would suggest you to seek help of your abaper for T code SHDB.this will copy the screen in inspection plan for referencing the "reference operation set"

Now you have to run first LSMW for header level in say QP01.Then for operation level in QP02 & then add "reference operation set" .

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Yes, you are right. Thanks.