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LSMW: how to incorporate a new DMIG-Program into LSMW?

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Hi all,

I need a recomendation from someone who is familiar with LSMW.

My task is to incorporate a NON-Standard data migration program into the LSMW.

It is a non-Standard program as it is filling data for a non-standard object (Z-tables).

I see that in LSMW we have the options of

a) Recording  => not possible in my case as we have different screen sequence depending on contract types

b) Batch-Input/Direct Input:   I see there are SAP standard programs.

Is there a way to include a Z-Migration Object with a Z-Program.

Any step-by-step instructions that could guide me?


I am wondering if I create a new BOR-object and then encapsulate my migration program into a BAPI.

However this seems very difficult as I have no idea how to create for my z-migration program a

BAPI method, Message Type and Basic Type that LSWM is asking for.

Please let know which would be the best posible way to incorporate my Z-data-migration-program into LSMW.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Philip ,

The batch input option is good for this requirement.

Batch-Input/Direct Input:   I see there are SAP standard programs.

Appears you have a custom program , if you already have a custom Program(  program) which reads data from the Application Server(AL11 ) and processes and puts it onto those  tables . If not then you need to develop one , and then create a LSMW to leverage that  program and required configuration .

steps will be : 

  • Create a Z program which reads data from  using the Open dataset from AL11 path.
  • Process the data read into internal tables , do the validations , update your tables .
  • Close and commit the Program .
  • Link the program to DX object using the table SXDA1 and the input file structures                        using the SXDA2 tables .You may maintain these tables through SM30 and transport through  customizing transport request.
  • Create a LSMW using the Direct input use the Program details in object attributes then create the  LSMW mapping of structures and that should serve all your purpose .

If you have any specific questions with respect to steps above , let me know.


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Hi Anjan,

Thanks for detailed answer.

This is really helpful.

Actually step-by-step instructions with any example would be helpful.

Up to now I could not find anything in google.

Thanks anyway


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Hi Anjan,

Tried to send you a Direct Message. However it says that I only can send messages to Freinds/Connections.

I am new to this Fórum and kindly ask  you to to advice how we can connect.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Maybe table SXDA0 could be a starting point.