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LSMW---> Create_Material --->Gross Weight-->MARA-BRGEW???

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Hi Experts,

Am trying to pouplate the, gross weight field,

LSMW---> Create_Material ->Gross Weight>MARA-BRGEW

from the existing my_LSMW (this LSMW is using the 3rd option i.e. BAPI-BO-BUS1001006, Method-->SAVE DATA, Idoc is MATMAS_BAPI01), like

But, I culd not get succeed i.e. gross weight is not populating!


1 - Shuld I change (from 3rd option of) the LSMW option among 1, 2, 3, 4 (coz,once I red that, the gross weight filed in MARA makes the problem in LSMW data transfer, normally, I dont know!)?

2- Or there is some other mistake(logical) in the my_LSMW?


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