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LSMW Date . . is not valid

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Hi, all,

I am trying to create order using LSMW with

Object 0090 Sales documents

Method 0000

Program Name RVINVB10

Program Type D Direct Input

The issue is at the date of

Req. D 2008.07.17

I prepared the date as format of 2008.07.17.

But get the following error, any thoughts?

Log of Sales Document Transfer to R/3 SD

Start of processing

V1 091

Date . . is not valid

      • Data from this document has not been saved ***

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Koffer,

It could be any of these dates:

Quotation/Inquiry is valid from(ANGDT).

Date until which bid/quotation is binding (valid-to date)(BNDDT).

Customer purchase order date(BSTDK).

Valid-from date (outline agreements, product proposals)/valid to(GUEBG/GUEEN).

Pricing date.

Plz check all the above dates.



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Hi, Raghuram Saripa...

From the error message, it shows that the format is not correct for one date field.

I have not touched other fields.

I will add these fields to have a test.


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Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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I think LSMW's dont accept the dots in between the dates.

try to put the date as 20080717 in your load sheet and try.

i had the same problem that was solved like this.

hope this helps.

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HI, Arijeet Biswas

If I set the date to 20080717,

the converted date will be

VDATU Requested delivery date 2008.09.

This field is defined with a 8 char.


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20080717 also makes 8 chr's. and why would it convert to 2008.09. ? Dont know but it worked for me.

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Sorry, it is a type error.

After setup all the date fields, it seems moving forward...


I will keep you posted.

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Thanks you two.

The solution is to maitain the following date fields.

PRSDT C 8 Date for pricing and exchange rate

GUEBG C 8 Valid-from date (outline agreements, product proposals)

GUEEN C 8 Valid-to date (outline agreements, product proposals)

ANGDT C 8 Quotation/Inquiry is valid from

BNDDT C 8 Date until which bid/quotation is binding (valid-to date)

BSTDK C 8 Customer purchase order date