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LSMW create positions without updating table T528B?

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I created many positions by LSMW,

but, in PA40, I can't assign a person to any one of these LSMW-created positions, system says "position xxxxxxxx is not available in T528B",

I've set integration between PA & OM, if I manually created position in PPOME or PP03, the manually created position could be assigned in PA40

So, how could it happen? SAP's bug or our system's bug?

I have to run report RHINTE10 to update T528B.

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Answers (2)

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Can you please send me the steps to create positions using the LSMW



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Please check if value of p0001-otype is missed in IT0001.

Regarding such case, you need to do integration between PA and PD.

For example:

1) Turned on integration (PLOGI ORGA "X") (same result with integration off in step 2-4)

2) Conversion of organisational structure (O, O-O, O-K) via IDoc

3) Conversion of PA-data via IDoc; one infotype at the time in the following order: IT0, IT1, IT2, IT3, IT302. No position entered in IT1

4) Conversion of position and relations to org units and cost centers and jobs via IDoc

5) RHINTE10 report to update new org units and positions (and jobs) I have also tried this step after step 6 (makes no difference)

6) Turned integration off (PLOGI ORGA " ")

7)Conversion of relation from the position to the person (A008 rel.)

😎 Turned integration on again (PLOGI ORGA "X")

9) Run RHINTE30 for the converted persons.

The above is just an example for your reference. For more detail, you need refer to the documentation for integration