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LSMW authorization objects

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Say I'm authorized to post G/L entry on Company 0001, through FB01 or F-02. And in the same time, I don't have authorization to post on Company 0002.

Recently, I was using LSMW for mass uploads (through FB01), I've mistakenly typed 0002 in the LSMW upload file, and SAP posted the transaction successfully. Is this a normal LSMW behavior (since as I said, I don't have authorization on Company 0002)?


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LSMW is a workbench, it has its own authorization objects to use the workbench

But postings done through LSMW execution are controlled by the usual transaction specific authorization objects.

If you have recorded FB01, then it does not matter whether you do FB01 directly or en mass through a batch input via LSMW, you must have authority to use FB01 for company code 0002 to post documents there.

So overall, you need authorization to work with LSMW, authorization to work with batch input sessions, and finally the application specific authorization to do FB01 for company 0002.

However authorization is additive, if your company has a role for LSMW which includes application specific objects then you might have got a wider authorization with LSMW role assignment than you had before.

I for example could create the LSMW objects, built the rules, transport the LSMW objects, create batch input sessions, but I do not have authority to execute those batch input sessions, and I do not have any rights to post FB01 in a production system.