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lower staffing percentage during dynamic action

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we want to lower the staffing percentage of the position in organizational assignment during a dynamic action in personal administration.

I can copy IT0001 during the action, but the field percentage is read by IT0001 at the position. Any tries to find an adequate function module to use it during the execution of an external function in the dynamic action had no success.

Thanks in advance!


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Answers (2)

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Dear Phoebe,

yes, i know that the percentage is stored in HRP1001. That is want i ment describing IT0001 is reading the percentage at the position.

I am looking for the right SAP-Standard-Way to reduce this percentage during a dynamic action. It is imaginable to change the HRP1001 by hard coding, but that is not what i want.


Christoph Lammers

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The staffing percentage of a position is determined by the percentage assigned to the person occupying it. This is seen in IT0001. This percentage of occupation detail is however stored only in OM table HRP1001. OM IT1001 stores relationships between objects.

In this table choose the object type P (Person) and enter a personnel number.

Find relationship B 008 (is holder of) describes this... Person is holder of position. Against this u will find the percentage. u have to change the staffing percentage in HRP1001 and not in IT0001