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Lower level Purchase order release strategy re-trigger when PO quantity is reduced

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Hello all,

I have gone through the existing forum questions and SAP OSS notes but would like to raise a question and understand if any one have noticed and found a solution.

Business scenario - A PO was raised for certain quantity which triggered a release strategy, say A4. This PO was approved completely (all the levels). Later, quantity was reduced which resulted into release strategy reset, say A3.

Configuration - Changeability indicator is '6'.

Based on the configuration, as i understand, this is standard system behavior. As system has found a new release strategy 'A3', so system re-triggered the release strategy from 'A4' to 'A3'.

My question - As PO was completely approved at higher level release strategy (A4), so is there a standard solution available to avoid re-triggering of lower level release strategy (A3), by keeping the changeability indicator to '6' and without implementing an enhancement?

Does any one have experienced a similar requirement or have worked on a similar solution? Whether any SAP note or KBA is available to achieve this?

Thanks in advance

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Hello Shailesh,

Your requirement is absolutely fine as per your business, but in SAP we have different release authorities for different type of approval, basically it is not belongs to the value only! even if there is relation to the value then there are chances that less then 10K USD there is person A who is responsible to release the PO, but more than 10k USD there are person B & Person C, so based on business its very much relevant to notify a person who is responsible for purchase less then 10K!

This is the reason why release strategy always getting changes if the value changes, I might be wrong but the concept I think is working I shared with you!


Ankur Chauhan