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Lower level Purchase order release strategy re-trigger when PO quantity is reduced

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Hello all,

I have gone through the existing forum questions and SAP OSS notes but would like to raise a question and understand if any one have noticed and found a solution.

Business scenario - A PO was raised for certain quantity which triggered a release strategy, say A4. This PO was approved completely (all the levels). Later, quantity was reduced which resulted into release strategy reset, say A3.

Configuration - Changeability indicator is '6'.

Based on the configuration, as i understand, this is standard system behavior. As system has found a new release strategy 'A3', so system re-triggered the release strategy from 'A4' to 'A3'.

My question - As PO was completely approved at higher level release strategy (A4), so is there a standard solution available to avoid re-triggering of lower level release strategy (A3), by keeping the changeability indicator to '6' and without implementing an enhancement?

Does any one have experienced a similar requirement or have worked on a similar solution? Whether any SAP note or KBA is available to achieve this?

Thanks in advance

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Does anyone else have a comment or solution?