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Long text not saving data

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When entering long text on a work order, the data is not saved. I press the long text icon and enter the data but as soon as I exit the editor, the data is deleted. The odd part is I can enter long text in our production and quality environments but I can't in our development environment. The editor looks entirely different in the development environment and I cannot see any recent transports or SAP notes that would affect this. How can I determine which editor I'm using? How can I change the editor used in our development environment to match the one used in production? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Greetings Michael,

You could try selecting Menu > Goto > Change Editor or Configure editor to switch between the non-graphical and Office editors, but this is a user-based setting - do all users in the Development environment have this problem?

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All users have the same issue. I've tried changing the editor but I'm unable to change it. I don't see any notes or config changes that have gone through recently that would have affected the editor. Is there a config setting that I should check?

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This was happening in Notification long text in one of the project. We have written to OSS for the same.

This is what they have proposed which resolved the issue.

+Please call transaction OAOR and use


class type : OT

-> Execute

Expand the Attachment tree and you will see two files.

Please delete the older one and check if this resolves

the problem.+

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Thank you very much. That corrected the problem.