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Long Term Planning and repetitive manufacturing

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Hi all,

We want to prepare and simulate our production plan thru the LTP simulation tool.

As we are using repetitive manufacturing, we load our lines with MF50 in the operative environment and MFS0 in the planning scenario.

MFS0 documentation says:


You can copy the planned orders from operative planning and then process them in the planning table.

When you are satisfied with the simulative planning results, you can copy the planned orders to operative planning.

To call up the planning table in long-term planning, start from the long-term planning node and choose Long-term planning ® Planning table.

But how can we copy the planned orders to operative planning ?

We only found this functionnality in interactive MRP (MD43). We have to transfert the orders item per item manually.

Did we miss the function of mass transfert in MFS0 , MF50 or any other tool , or did SAP forget to create this functionnality ?

Thank's for your help.

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For LTP how are you creating initial requirements.By PIR?

when LTP is done in simulation mode, all the requirements will be inactive.

If you make the PIRs active, then simulation planning becomes operative planning.


Krishna Mohan

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Thank's for your answer Krishna,

the beginning of the simulation are PIR.

But MFS0 allows us to set orders in order to match these PIR.

The orders created by MFS0 will take into account the capacity of the lines and will perhaps be positionned sooner as the PIR.

MFS0 allows us to create our production plan. We have to transfert this production plan in the operative planning, not the sales plan (PIR).

I think we really need to transfert the planned orders in the operative planning.

This functionnality has been created by SAP in MD43, but we cannot work item per item , the process will be too long.


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Usually In LTP, we need to simulate the whole cycle till you transfer the routing hrs to CO.

Now if you start running the operative planninbg alonge with LTP...... In case if you want to do that, settings are available in LTP scenario so that system will take the requirement from pperative planning...

In case if LTP is through and you find the results are okay, then you copy the PIR from inactive vesion to active version and start running MRP-->MF50 etc.

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Tanks Rajesha,

but we want to avoid to work one more time in MF50.

Why should we do the job one more time as we still did in in MFS0 ?

If we manually put planned orders at some date, we just want to transfert them in the operative planning without having to make one more time akk the work made in MFS0.


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I agree with you..

But the operative planning scenario will not be exactly like what you see now. In LTP we are doing the leveling for the whole year and see that the yearly capscity is balanced. In operative planning we are doing the balancing for maximum of 3 months with one operative month with firm requirement. This is the usyually the procedure in the industry.

Hence LTP requirement may not match with exactly as operative plan, hence I feel you need to repeate/correct the plan now and then in operative planning as per the operative plan environment.

please come back if you have other view.

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Dear Rajesh

I am facing problem with LTP capacity planning. The scenario is as below:

I have created planning scenaro with include firm receipts, include planned orders indicator. Means after MRP run when the capacity is checked for analysing in CM38, I am getting only the capacity of simulated planned order for the PIR, simulated planned order for the existing reqmnts but no capacity for the existing prodcuction orders. E;g; Work center WC1 is loaded with 80% capacity on certain week. Now through simulated planning run I have 60% more capacity for the same work center in the same period. But in CM38 it is showing only 60. How can I see total 140% capacity load? Can u tell me why.

Thanks & regds

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Hi Pierre and Rajesh,

When we create the simulation version, you have the possibility to choose the short-term planning. My point of view is, you can use the LTP fonction to do your scheduling for ex the next 3 months.

I think it's what Pierre did. Am I right ?

between to scheduling scenario to deliver my customer. With the simulation mode I can do my scheduling + use the MRP simulation to check if the raw material are available or not. Then use the MD04 to do the comparaison (or MS04 to compare between 2 scenario).

But I found 2 problems :

First : I don't find the parameters to show in the graphic MFS0, the planed fix order (I can only see the process order)

Second : When my scheduling is finished, I want to update my operational planning with the simulation version. But I don't want to do article by article : when you have 400 references (raw mat, packaging, finish goods)  it's impossible (same issue like Pierre)

Have you found a solution for this 2 points ?