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Hi experts,

Any chance to set error log & info only for the same order type below? Pls advise. Thx.

Scenario: IC-dialog is activated for the order type ZTA. Incompleteness procedure for the item category requires to enter storage location when creating orders.

Although batch no. is an optional entry, customer prefer a message to remind to fill it up. The reason is not all the material have batch no.

If not activating IC-dialog, the required entries are out of control. IC-dialog is not only applied to sales doc header but also to item categories.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Cathy

SAP standards allow only warning message in log of incomplete

There is a logic behind this

At the time of order creation you may have some fields incomplete or you may not have some necessary information hence it is incomplete But if the order is due for delivery, only after 4 or 5 days ,and there is every chance the missing infornmation is available by that time so that you can get that info within that 4 or 5 days ,so that you can put the order in VA02 mode and fill up these data and give life to that order

If there is going to be error message the incomplete order creation itself is not possible and this can affect the business

Again very strong logical reason only

Ticking that IC tick box in OVA2 doesnot allow in that procedure if any thing is incomplete then it will not be allowed to be saved

The same can be controlled in sales order type in VOV8 log of incomplete items in the transaction flow tick box

Both these have similar functionalities

Determination of storage location in sales order is not a standard functionality in SAP

Default Storage Location Storage location is normally not determined in sales order

It is determined only in delivery

If you want storage location to be determined for sales order then you have to use user exit

If storage location is specified manually in sales order then it is copied into delivery

Otherwise it is determined using either MALA,RETA or MARE rules which we specify in delivery doc type

For sales order you have to use user exit in program MV45AFZZ

To determine storage location in Sale Order, there is no configuration available and it has to be achieved using exit USEREXIT_SOURCE_DETERMINATION in program MV45AFZB.


Maintain a Z table with the values based on which you want the storage location determination to happen. In the exit ask your abaper to write the code to pick up the relevant records based on the criterion and then fetch the storage location. This way storage location will be automatically populated in the sale order.

You can try incompletion procedure option

Put the storage location field in the sales order item incompletion procedure



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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if you have activated batch determination at sales order level it will be determined automatically in sales order


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in OVA2 you can maintain VBAK-LGORT as incomplete field