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Lock box -error

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Hi All,

In Lock box I've confugred OBAX as follows

Destination : 1000123456

Origin : 0011000390

Company Code : ABCD

House Bank : HSBC

Account ID: HSBCA

Bank GL account: Deposit bank A/c

Bank Clearing A/C : Clearing Account

Bank Posting Doc type : SA

Cus Posting Doc Type : DZ

Posting Key Dr : 40

Posting Key Cr : 50

Posting Key credit Cust : 15

Posting Key DR cust : 06

When i'm uploading flat file in FLB2, it's giving error:

Table T049A does not have an entry with key 0512#1000123456#0001

in that 0512 is date(MM/DD), 1000123456 is Immediate Destination for Lockbox, 0001 is Number of Remi (Checks) per Lockbox.

so can u please tell me, for wat this error is and how to solve this. thanks in advance.


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Answers (3)

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the Flate file formate should be acceptable

there is only one Default file which can be downloaded

enter the invoice no, Date, Time Amount as per the Flate file.

then u get the out put.



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Hi All,

in text file the line 6 (check record). please tell me wat all details it contains.

we should give check no. in text file or it'll pick automatically.

after executing it's not displaying customer details even it is not cleared.

please help me. i'll assign points.


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I think the problem is in the file that ur uploading. Please check the file and correct the line where ever you have the destination and origin keys defined in the file. May be a space is given more or space is reduced.



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Hi Balaji/ Hi All,

thanks for the reply.

1. i could configure according. even i could upload file in FLB2.

2. details of text file i've uploaded:




0012345 is lockbox no.

60860020000540000 00044115126189175110014 021404465

110014 is check no., 021404465 is bank key, 540000 is invoice amount

00044115126189175 is what?? please tell me

408600360170000030008 000054000000000000000000

30008 is invoice no., 6017 is wat?? please tell me


8086008001234508051200010000540000009 05400000 05400000


3. after executing- only destination, origin, lockbox no, payment date is displayed.

and the message is: this lock box was already imported into bank data storage.

(it did not display customer or check or other dttails)

4. in FBL5N customer is not cleared. (actually invoice has not been picked)

Where the mistake is? what might be the cause can u please tell me.

it's urgent please help me.




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i think seetings are correct. the table u said belongs to customer tolerance check weather u have given any tolerance for customer.

thnx and regards


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thanks for reply.

i checked in customer master, i've not assigned any tolerance. else please tell me where else i should check.

otherwise for wat this error is

it's urgent.. plz. thanks