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LOBM_HSDAT comparison operand

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I have a procedure object dependancy to change LOBM_QNDAT and LOBM_HSDAT during batch determination. I am calling function LOBM_OD_CHARA_INPUT_OUTPUT and passing to the input a custom characteristic with a value of >=1. LOBM_QNDAT returns ' >= date ' and LOBM_HSDAT returns 'date'.

How do get the operand >= before the LOBM_HSDAT?

Currently (if it matters)

LOBM_QNDAT does not have an object dependancy.

LOBM_HSDAT has an object dependancy of SL_UTC_COMPUTE containing




if LOBM_HSDAT specified

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Answers (1)

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LOBM_HSDAT needed to be added to the batch characteristics BC_STD (023).