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Loan/Bonus -Additional Off Cycle payments.

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Dear Friends,

How to make payments through off-cycle payment.

1.I would like to pay bonus and loan through Off-cycle payment on 17.06.2008.

2. I have created a entry in IT 267 for Bonus and tried to run Payroll driver with the same date(17.06.2008) in off-cycle box in payroll driver. but there is no payment in earnings column.How to do it.

3.How to pay loan through Off-Cycle to process it.

4.How does the off-cycle payments have impact in income tax.

5.Is there any configuration required to run Off-Cycle Activites.

Detailed explanation is much appreciated. Points will be rewarded.



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Offcycle alloss you to make payments between your payroll runs.

Your payroll area should be in EXIT mode

You can enter offcycle payments, process , make payslips using TCODE PUOC_40 - Offcycle workbench

After payment you can post the results to FI.

For configuring offcycle payments you will have to start with

Off-Cycle Activities

Check entry permissibility for Infotype (0267)

In this activity, you check those wage types you want to be paid through the One-Time Payments Off-Cycle Infotype (0267) for an offcycle payroll run.

Set Up Off-Cycle Reasons

In this step, you define the off-cycle payroll reasons that are to be available to the administrator for running off-cycle payroll.

Set Up Report Variants for Off-Cycle Activities


The system calls various reports during off-cycle payroll runs. In this IMG activity you determine which variants should be used to start the reports. You can also determine that the Off-Cycle Workbench should display different remuneration statements for different employee groups.

Define Default Values for Payments in Advance


If you want to remunerate employees for periods in advance, the R/3 System proposes the period for which you can next run payroll. The first period the system proposes is the next period for which payroll has not yet been run. The user defines the last period.

In this step, you define the number of default periods.

Specify default values for wage types

In the case of a bonus payment, the system displays in the group box Create Payments the wage type that is usually used for bonus payment.

In this step, you specify which wage type is to be proposed in your system for bonus payments when the administrator selects the relevant off-cycle reason.

Specify Default Values for Payroll Results


Following an off-cycle payroll run, extracts from the payroll results are shown in the Off-Cycle Workbench.

In this step, you can specify for each off-cycle payroll run which wage types are displayed.

Specify Default Values for Payment Methods


For off-cycle payroll, a payment method is already specified in the group box Specify payment method, which the administrator can change at any time.

In this step, you specify the default payment method for off-cycle payroll. You can specify payment method for each off-cycle reason.

If You are having ESS & Reimbursements module of SAP , you need to configure relevent nodes under

Employe Self-Services (ESS)

India: Country-Specific Applications



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Hi Pravin Chacad,

It was a eye opener ,thanks for spending your valuable time in narrating elaborately.




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Off-Cycle Payroll covers the various payroll functions that are not covered by the regular Payroll Process. Off-Cycle Payroll includes the processing of special payments, entering information for manually created checks, reversing payroll results and reprinting checks, all of which may take place outside the regular payroll cycle.

1. You can run offcycle by using tcode ---> PUOC_10 (Offcycle workbench)

2. can i make payments for future dates? ---> YES you can make future payments

3.where should i give the bonus amount?

---> Offcycle derives the amount from offcycle workbench if you manually enter the wage type or can be derived from infotype 0267 (Additional offcycle payment)

If you are running for a single pernr then u can use offcycle workbench. But if you are intending for multiple Pernr's use payroll driver.

Note: the default payment method thru offcycle is check and thru payroll driver is bank transfer.

You can directly run a offcycle thru t-code PUOC_10. mention the payment date and the particular wage type for which you are intending to pay the EE.

4. how can i see the results?

--->Go to t-code PC_PAYRESULT and you can see results generated for offcycle payroll run. You can easily identify offcycle result as it is different from regular payroll.

5. how will it effect the clusters like RT?

--->In RT you will find payments only for offcycle. In clusters you will see BT table which holds info about the payment

in there you will see that Payroll type and Payment date for which you have done the off cycle run.

6. how will it effect regular payroll?

--> Itz a different component that regular payroll so it doesnt effect regular payroll atall. But you need to do offcycle postings seperately.

7. how the results will be posted? what is the procedure to post?

---> We do the postings same as in regular payroll,but in off cycle posting we have to use correct payroll type and payment date in postings and identifier ( to differentiate the offcycle run done on the same day with same date ) if we use any.

Hope this is useful



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HI Ramky,

Thanks a lot for the detailed expalnation.



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have completed in Payroll node in IMG the offcycle activities config

wherein assignment of offcyle reason to wage types

ur approach by filling IT0267 is correct

what abt parameters in payroll program driver

fill up all the details in offcycle dont forget to fill payroll type, identifier and the exact date as input in IT0216.

Hope this resolves ur questions

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Friends, some more detailed inputs................