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Loading legacy TB

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Could somebody please suggest the best method for Legacy Finance Data Load please or confirm that the steps that I am proposing are correct:-

YE TB will be manually journalled into SAP - the debtor and creditor balances will be journalled to a data load account

The line items which make up the debtor and creditor balances will be loaded separately and will Debit / credit the respective control accounts with the other entry going to the data load account and therefore clearing the balance on that account to zero.

Stock balances will be journalled again to the initial data load account and then the stock load will debit stock and credit the initial data load account and therefore the balance on the data load account will be zero.

What do we do with VAT - I assume we can't make direct postings to the Input and Output control accounts and some of the items will update VAT input and Output control accounts when the debtor and creditor open items are loaded but this is only the VAT on the open items and will not necessarily represent the balance in the control accounts - what do I do about the other items.

Is there a program which will allow me to manually journal to a control account for the legacy TB and then set the task to complete and then enable me to reset the post auto only flag again?

In terms of Retained Earnings is there an issue with me posting to this account - do I need to create a Legacy Retained Earnings account and then in SAP the balance in Retained Earnings will be legacy + SAP (at the year end)



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Use FB50 for uploading GL accounts FB60 for vendors and FB70 for customers... you can use LSMW to upload the legacy data through this TCodes...

If VAT is payable account it is also like GL account use FB50 to upload legacy data. Even for VAT paid account also you can use FB50

for VAT payable debit initial data load accounta and credit VAT payable

for VAT paid debit VAT paid account and credit initial data load account

For assets you ahve to use OSAV and AS91 for uploading the asset legacy data .

For this also you can use LSMW to upload legacy data.

I think all all ledger balances in your TB can be divided into the following categories

Assets --> use OSAV and AS91

Trade Vendors --> FB60

Trade customers --> FB70

Other liabilities --> FB50

Expenses and incomes --> FB50

For initial stock upload i think MB1c is used