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List of BSP Iviews for Performance Appraisal

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I am currently configuring Enterprise Portal for Performance Appraisal in ECC 60 SP 60

According my understanding, we need BSP pages to called in Enterprise Portal.

But could you please let me know the list of BSP pages which have to be called? I see many BSP pages in SE80.

Do i have to create all the BSP mentioned below? or any particular BSP page which would call rest of the BSP pages?

document.htm Document

documents_created.htm List - Created Documents

documents_received.htm List - Received Documents

documents_received_open.htm List - Received Incomplete Documents in Display Mode

documents_received_open2.htm List - Received Incomplete Documents in Change Mode

documents_search.htm List - Search of Documents

documents_todo.htm List - Incomplete Documents

documents_where_participated.htm List - Documents where the user is a Further Participant

document_action_log.htm Document - Action Log

document_add_attachment.htm Eine neue Anlage zu einem Dokument hinzufügen

document_attachments.htm Document - Attachements

document_create_status_note.htm Document - Statuswechsel Notiz Anlegen

document_display_status_note.htm Statuswechsel Notizen anzeigen

document_download.htm Offline Download

document_enhancement.htm Document - Enhancement

document_error.htm Document - Error Handling

document_exit.htm Remove locks on exit

document_final.htm Document - Final Page after Creation

document_portal.htm Document - Portal Solution

document_port_wf.htm Document - Workflow Special Solution (Variable Replacement)

document_print.htm Document - Printout Version

document_redirect.htm document

document_upload.htm Upload Offline PDF document

document_upload_inside.htm Document upload when within the appraisal document

document_value_descriptions.htm Document - Value Descriptions

document_value_determination.htm Document - Value Determination

templates.htm List - Templates (to create a new document)


Srinivasa Naidu

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Srinivasa,

Following three links will be used for Appraisee Appraioser and for Further participants:

documents_received_open2.htm List - Received Incomplete Documents in Change Mode

documents_where_participated.htm List - Documents where the user is a Further Participant

documents_todo.htm List - Incomplete Documents




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Hi Chetan,

My apolgies for the late reply.

Could you please advise how i can achieve the following?

1. Employee should be able to create the appraisal document in Portal and send it to manager. I have used the BSP documents_todo.htm but once send to manager it is not visible in the list. Do i have to ask the EP consultant to customize it?

2. I want Administrator to lock and unlock all the appraisal documents inorder to control the appraisal process. Is thre any standard process or do we need to customize it.


Srinivasa Naidu

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Hi Srinivasa,

1. Once you login to portal as manager, then you should be able to see the document for manager. Please check with EP consultant once.

2. You can design your status flow in such a way that this functionality can be met. For example, design one substatus as "Phase I end" for In planning stage. Once this substaus is reached, have one more substatus as "Phase I locked". So Talent administrator has to login to PHAP_ADMIN_PA and push all the appraisal templates whose status is In Planning and Substatus is "Phase I end" to "Phase I locked".

Similarly when you want to unlock all appraisal templates, one substatus can be designed as "Phase II begin". So again talent admin will push the template to this substatus.

Hope this clarifies your doubt.



Chetan Shriraj Wahane

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