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how do we activate LIS in MM in customization?



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Is there someone that can help me about transaction MCBA and MCBE?

If I execute the transaction (for example MCBE) by Plant and after I choose a more key figures like 'Last Goods Issue, Last receipt, Last consumption) the report show me some date only. Why?



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Hi Vs,

Go to SPRO then :

-> Logistics - General

-> Logistics Information System (LIS)

Here you should find what you need.

Hope this helps,


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What exactly do you want to activate. You would just need to complete the configuration to use the same.

Here are some useful query transactions, note that some rely on LIS records, so it must be activated:

MBLB Stock Values at Vendor Side

MB51 Material Doc. List

MB5L List of Stock Values: Balances

MBBS Display valuated special stock

MC$G PURCHIS: Material PurchVal Selection

MC$I PURCHIS: Material PurchQty Selection

MC.1 INVCO: Plant Anal. Selection: Stock

MC.2 INVCO: Plant Anal.Selection, Rec/Iss

MC.5 INVCO: SLoc Anal. Selection, Stock

MC.9 INVCO: Material Anal.Selection,Stock

MC.A INVCO: Mat.Anal.Selection, Rec/Iss

MC.L INVCO: Mat.Group Analysis Sel. Stock

MC48 INVCO: Anal. of Current Stock Values

MC50 INVCO: Analysis of Dead Stock

MCBA INVCO: Plant Analysis Selection

MCBC INVCO: Stor. Loc. Analysis Selection

MCBE INVCO: Material Analysis Selection

MCBK INVCO: MatGrp Analysis Selection

MCBR INVCO: Batch Analysis Selection

MCE1 PURCHIS: PurchGrp Analysis Selection

MCE3 PURCHIS: Vendor Analysis Selection

MCE5 PURCHIS: MatGrp Analysis Selection

MCE7 PURCHIS: Material Analysis Selection

MCW3 PURCHIS: Evaluate VBD Header

MCW4 PURCHIS: Evaluate VBD Item

ME2L Purchase Orders by Vendor

ME2M Purchase Orders by Material

ME2N Purchase Orders by PO Number

MIR6 Invoice Overview

MMBE Stock Overview,289625,sid21_gci1235545,00.html

Hope this will help.



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As far as I know LIS is activated as standard. Try using report like MCBA, MC.9 etc. These are Standard LIS reports.