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Liquidity Item

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Hi colleagues,

How the GL account could be set up in order to the liquidity item can be determined correctly for this situation:


Posting: Debit: Investment account --> (it is a balance sheet account)

Credit: Bank account --> (it exists in FI12 - table t012K)

If add the investment account in FLQC4 (FLQACC_ACT table), it is determined the incoming and outgoing cash transfer as liquidity item.

Result: It is created 2 records in the FIITEMFI table.It is not good because the balance is zero between them and the liquidity item does not identifiy correctly.


If remove the Investment account from FLQC4, the liquidity item is not determined for the positng below:

Posting: Debit: Investment account

Credit: Expense account --> (it exists in FLQACC_INFO_AP table)

How to treat the situation when the posting has 2 balance sheet accounts together and they represent "money"?

Thank you,


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The solution is to keep both of the account as Real Account.

As you said, when the posting is between the 2 accounts, the LP considers as a transfer. But at the end, the sum is 0,00.

The final result is that the incoming clears the outgoing.