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Linking of Maintenance Notification with Internal Order

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We have proposed our client that for Fleet Maintenance, Internal Order (KO01) can be used for Vehicle numbers and all internal issuance or external procurement can be done directly via Reservation (MB21) and PR against Internal Order with category F respectively.

Though they agree, but want that a request for same to be recorded i.e. a Notification.

Is there a way to link both objects (Internal Order / Notification) and also view data in some standard reports.



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Hello Faisal,

you can use PM orders (IW31), because they are also internal orders of order category 30 instead of 01 and you can link the vehicles as equipment to PM orders. In that case everything is just SAP Standard and you can take advantage of all SAP Best Practices.

Best Regards


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The requirement is to have a Notification so as to record the request for reporting purposes. The user is satisfied with Internal order scenario which saves a lot of time since only once Internal order created and then reuse it in direct Reservations or PR. They just want to save Internal Order number in Notification for a link to the request.

In case of Maintenance Order every time they have to create a Maintenance Order? Hich is time consuming.