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Linking Multiple Materials to Equipment

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I have a piece of equipment that I want to link to two materials. The equipment for example is a Welding machine and I want to link it to two different materials one being a wire feeder and one being a cooler.

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All Equipments are purchased through a Material code. Equipment numbers are given later by us. In this case the Material and Equipment relation is through

  • Serial number OR
  • Construction type field in the Equipment master.

Often we fail to communicate fully with the words chosen. Here the expression 'Linking multiple Materials to Equipment' needs to be elaborated. It could mean the following ways:

  • In the first case, you procured Equipment with identical specifications using different Material codes at different times and you want each of these Equipments to be identified by all such Material codes. If this is the case, then no provisions. You need to compulsorily identify these Equipments with the respective material numbers they have been bought by. Yes, you can have the identical specification data in Class & Characteristics of these in the Equipment masters, which forms a link (Alternatively these Class & characteristics can be maintained in Material master too, but we are discussing in PM domain.).
  • In a very different case, possible you meant to link few component materials (like Bearings, Fasteners, Shafts etc) to the Equipment. This is nothing the BOM concept. Here you need to create an Equipment BOM (tcode IB01) and the Materials as components.

Hope your case falls in one of the above.



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I dont think its possible. Think about using BOM.

Material + Serial Number = Equipment