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LinkedButton in Matrix (v. 6.7) and disappearing rows

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We just tried adding a LinkedButton column to a matrix as per the sample instructions:

Dim oLink As SAPbouiCOM.LinkedButton

Set oColumn = oColumns.Add("A", it_LINKED_BUTTON)

Set oLink = oColumn.ExtendedObject

oLink.LinkedObject = lf_BusinessPartner

The link works, however, our matrix is on a tab (or pane level) and when the tab is changed and subsequently changed back, the data in the matrix disappears.

When we take the linkedButton out, the data in the matrix does NOT disappear when we change tab pages.

Is this a known problem?

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Hello Catherine, i just checked your case and i dont have further problems.

I recommend you to check how the UserDataSources are being defined or handled.

If possible please send us some code behind this objects as i dont see any problem with the code you wrote regarding LinkedButton.


Felipe Ortega

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This had to do with the Form mode. If the Form was not set to the correct mode at the correct time, the matrix rows disappeared.

This was originally workaround code for tab buttons that were incorrectly changing the form mode on us. This must have been corrected in 6.7 so we removed our workaround code (which was adjusting the form mode) and everything was OK.

p.s. i clicked the "Solved On My Own" radio button a while back.